Romancing the Bedroom on your Anniversary

My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this past July. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all roses and champagne. We had our share of ups and downs during our 30-years, 2 houses, and 3 most balanced children together. Having just sent our last teen off to college, funds are naturally tight. However, I wanted to do something special for my sweetie to show him that he still has it—despite the slight pot belly and bald spot.

6 inexpensive ways to add a little sizzle to your master suite

Not one to let limited funds prevent me from my goal; I decided to decorate our bedroom with some romantic elements to celebrate our Pearl Anniversary (that’s what they call 30 years of matrimony). I set a budget and decided to find some cost-effective décor elements that would help me spark up some old dramatic romance between these two old lovebirds.

Here are six simple and inexpensive ways to add some anniversary sizzle to your master suite…

1. Get romantic with hue

No, I’m not talking about Hugh, the next door neighbor; I’m talking about paint color! Sometimes a fresh coat of paint on the walls is all you need to create romantic. Paint is not only inexpensive—it’s a great way to instantly create a romantic mood, for example, think rich red or luscious lavender to help turn up the warmth and romance in your bedroom. Colors like deep blue, eggplant, and even ebony also add some warmth and calming to your boudoir.

2. Get cozy with a plush throw

A sumptuous faux fur throw pulls double duty in the bedroom. Firstly, the throw is great to snuggle up. Secondly, if you decide to get lucky say on the floor, you’ll have a super soft cover up.

3. Personalize your headboard

I love how a personalized headboard can add some serious nostalgia to your bedroom on your special night. For instance, I decided to invest in a decorative wire headboard complete with swirling designs and clips to hold photo mementos to which I hung various images of our special memories together. A rich upholstered headboard will also do the trick. You can simply pin old pictures to the material.

4. Create some mood lighting

Add some romantic vibrations to the room with the moody, gentle light from a lamp, chandelier, or scented candles. Let’s face it, after 30 years things aren’t necessarily where they used to be and everyone looks improved under soft lighting! Plus, the scented candles that I chose were meant to emulate the scent of vanilla—relevant to the first ice cream cone my hubby bought for me on our first date.

5. Silky satin sheets

Satin is soft to the touch and adds some motion to the aging ocean. Everyone deserves a little piece of heaven on their anniversary, and the soft touch of satin against the skin made our anniversary night’s antics special and the sleep afterwards especially peaceful.

6. Shag-a-lot rug

Did someone say shag? A plush rug was certainly a shag-a-licious addition to our anniversary evening. The high pile rug at the foot of the bed was just what the doctor ordered between the hard wood floor and our tender, naked tootsies for those midnight bathroom trips.


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